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TRUSTe Hosted Privacy Policy At Affordable Price

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TRUSTe Privacy Policy

TRUSTe helps you with Privacy policy review. Website scan for potential threats. Meet privacy law requirements. Help with resolving issues. Easy to use creation wizard

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Product Description

Privacy Policy is need for website to get compliant with online privacy rules and regulations. You can now get your self privacy policy without hiring lawyer.  A system to meet Federal guidelines on customer privacy that will give your customers peace of mind. TRUSTe Provides you privacy policy review. It also helps you with website scan for potential threats. You can achieve privacy law requirements. It helps with resolving issues. It is easy to use to create and have wizard to help you to create. Quickly construct a TRUSTe hosted privacy policy for your site using an intuitive widget interface. Accurately describe your site’s data collection, use and storage practices. Display a policy that users can easily navigate and understand through intuitive privacy icons. Stay up-to-date on new state & federal compliance issues. Be notified of hidden data collection practices via automatic scans.  Have the flexibility to edit your policy as your business grows or changes. Discovery and Data Collection using TRUSTe.  It helps you with Digital Property Scanning Tools. You can Turn Visitors into Paying Customers. TRUSTe Privacy Policy helps you and your customer. Ongoing Privacy Monitoring.

Mitigate risks to your business with TRUSTe Privacy Policy

Do you know how your privacy policy protects you? A privacy policy is a legal document that is associated with your website that specifies how you use information your users provide.  Without a privacy policy in place, your business is exposed to legal and commercial risks.  It is required by law in some places to have a privacy policy on your site, and some services require your site to have a privacy policy before they’ll do business with you.

Copying a privacy policy from another site leaves you at risk legally as you can’t be sure that their policy will cover you properly, while hiring a lawyer to make a privacy policy for you could cost hundreds of dollars. With TRUSTe Privacy Policy it has never been easier or more affordable to get a complete privacy policy on your site.

In just a few minutes your business can be protected by TRUSTe, recognized by 3 out of 5 consumers as a source of online trust.­

TRUSTe’s Privacy Policy Generator helps your  business easily create a policy without the dull  and complex legal language that often deters  customers from understanding the important information being communicated to them.

Without an accurate and up-to-date privacy policy, you can be exposing your business to serious and  unnecessary risks. These risks are sometimes  difficult to know and understand. TRUSTe offers  solutions for businesses to meet customer, industry and government requirements and expectations – specifically through the creation of a policy with the TRUSTe Privacy Policy Generator.


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