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About Us

SecurityTastic was founded to provide one stop solution provider for information security solution for Small and Medium Business at a reasonable price. Generally, information security has been an expensive and intimidating solution and only large corporations who could handle the significant financial investment can implement it.  With the growth of information and several easy option to connect your business online small and medium businesses, SecurityTastic see the need to deliver the information security technology and tools to support them.

We are reselling one of the largest website security solution in world. Currently, we are reselling SiteLock and other solution.  Founded in 2013 in need to provide protection to clients to secure their website, we are adding more and more products from different vendors to help small and medium enterprises to secure their information and keep their business growing.


· One Stop Security and Internet Privacy website
· Primary focus is on Web Security
· Partnered with known Security Brands
· Security Specialist worked for known Brands
· We provide solution and available 24×7 via Email and Chat
· Proactive Support to make your website and online business secure
· Website Security Check, Malware Security Check for website

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